January 2022 – today
  • Extending Freeradius Kafka Installation
  • Connecting database modules to customers alert managment
  • Creating database modules for availability detection of devices
June 2019 – December 2021
  • Filter for Kafka Topics via KSQLDB
  • Connecting Apache Kafka via Confluent Connector to MariaDB database
  • Apache Kafka Setup
  • Programming of a Freeradius PERL Module for connection to Apache Kafka
  • Freeradius Setup for authenitcation and accounting
September 2012 – October 2018
  • Second product manager Apache Webserver for an international bank located in Mailand
  • management of all pre productive and productive Apache web servers in Europe
  • Troubleshooting and performance analysis
  • Monitoring and improvment of security
  • Project work for new WEB appearances
  • Architectural improvements
September 2011 – March 2012 working for IT-Ops Allianz
  • Troubleshooting the website of Allianz based on RedHat Linux and JBOSS
  • Automatisation of deployment and logfile parsing
  • Installation and implementation additional probes for Nagios monitoring software
February 2011 – Mai 2011 PERL programming project. Implementation of a XML to HTML converter to prepare articles for Doctors qualification website. Extension to the CMS system.
January 2010 – December 2010 datacenter migration of DePfa – Bank from Mainz to Stuttgart to the new service provider Fujitsu
  • Identification of all communication dependencies
  • Virtualisation of all RedHat Linux and Solaris systems
  • technical project manager for migration of all UNIX systems DePfa Bank
  • Setup of new Solaris systems, using Solaris container
  • Setup Veritas Cluster Server
  • Test and handover of all systems to operating
July 2007 – November 2009 several projects for UniCredit Munich for the integration and design department
  • Virtualization of Sun Solaris server with Sun container – zones
  • Usage of Sun Cluster and Sun Solaris container – zone
  • technical project manager in moving 3 applications from Pioneer Investments Dublin to Munich
November 2006 – July 2007 several projects for UniCredit in Munich  Germany for the integration and design department
  • Migration of several Veritas Clusters to Sun Cluster 3.2
  • Integration of a portfolio management system for a world wide working company to a highly available environment based on Solaris, Veritas Cluster and RedHat Linux servers with load balancers
January 2005 – October 2006 several projects for HypoVereinsbank in Munich  Germany for the integration and design department
  • Extension of the portfolio management system Triple’A from 10000 portfolios to 1.2 million portfolios with over 1 T bytes of storage
  • Stabilization of the portfolio management system
  • Performance analysis and performance enhancements of the portfolio management system on Solaris and Storage side
  • Preparing papers for the decision process to switch to new hardware for the portfolio management system.
  • Integration of additional software products to the portfolio management system
  • Writing lots of scripts for performance analysis and automated generation of performance charts
  • Setup of a LDAP multiple master installation on basis of Sun One Directory Server 5.2
July 2003 – December 2004 several projects for HypoVereinsbank in Munich, Germany.
  • Design and Implementation of highly available Orcale and BEA server using Sun Solaris, RedHat Linux AS 2.1 and 3.0
  • Design and Implementation of testing systems using Sun SF15K with SAN Storage IBM ESS
  • Participating in the design of the bank wide Solaris Platform Infrastructure(Clustering, Storage, Installation, Maintenance, surveillance)
  • Migrating a Solaris system from IBM ESS storage to EMC CX700 storage
  • Administration of several testing and prelife systems
  • Performance analysis and enhancements of SAN Storage
  • postmortem debugging
January 2002 – October 2002 several projects for HypoVereinsbank in Munich, Germany.
  • Fault analysis of the internet relaunch platform
  • Increasing the security by developing an „offsite logging“ system
  • Designing security concepts for user management and administrative actions
  • Creating surveillance tools
  • Cloning Solaris systems
  • Cloning of Veritas Cluster configuration and Veritas Cluster agents – high level debugging, increasing stability
  • Maintenance of internet and intranet projects
  • Design of disaster recovery concepts
  • Security consultant
August 2001 – January 2002 maintaining the internet relaunch platform of HypoVereinsbank in Munich, Germany.
  • Member of a team for fault analysis
  • Deployment of additional services and reporting tools
  • Security scans
  • Analysis of log files
August 2000 – July 2001 design, implementation and pre production maintenance of a trading floor application for HypoVereinsbank  in Munich, Germany.
  • Design of a four node Veritas cluster
  • Design, implementation and testing of Veritas Cluster agents
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Extensive fail over tests.
  • Writing hand over documentation and operating manuals
  • Creating packages for a completely file driven automatic installation
November 1999 – July 2000 administration of all production and prelife systems world wide of aCommerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany, ranging from Ultra 1 up to 10 fully grown E10K systems.
  • Daily administration
  • Troubleshooting on second level
  • Upgrade of server; hardware, OS software and file systems
  • Programming a SMS trouble reporting system
  • Troubleshooting Veritas Volume Management and Veritas File System
  • Troubleshooting NIS+
  • Troubleshooting network problems
  • Support for system integration
  • Maintenance of ELOG, a reporting tool based on syslogd
  • Programming reporting tools
  • Maintenance of automatic installation
  • Analysis of a 4 Node Veritas cluster
1999 – design of a trading system on Sun E10000 server at HypoVereinsbank in Munich, Germany. Design and maintenance of a risk management system with a manual fail over mechanism.
  • Solaris installation
  • Installation of ADSM-TSM backup
  • Troubleshooting and second level support for trading floor client machines
  • Installation of a data warehouse system with Sun E10K server and Sun A3000 storage
  • Creating documentation and operating manuals
  • Installation of a Sun E10K system and migration of 2 trading applications
  • Design and implementation of a Veritas Clusters for the trading application Intas
  • Maintenance of a risk management system with manual fail over
  • Creation of Solaris packages for automatic installation of trading floor clients
1998 – 7 months installation and administration of 6 Sun E10000 systems at Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany. Objective was the consolidation of trading systems to meet the requirements of a new law in Germany.
  • Installation of E10K domains
  • Troubleshooting
  • Extensive hardware testing
  • Development of a GSM notification system in case of system failures
  • Maintaining the productive systems, mirroring hard disks with Veritas Volume Manager
  • Deployment of Veritas File System
1994 – 4 month server administration for a project group, developing the EBS (electronic trading system Switzerland ) system of Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Implementation of automatic installation – jumpstart
  • Troubleshooting hardware failures
  • Printer installation
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting of a Clarion Raid system
  • Daily administration
  • Backup with Legato Networker
  • Installation of test systems
  • Reporting and documentation
1991 – 1999 working for Sun Professional Services and other IT companies.
  • Design and implementation of UNIX Solaris server
  • Hard disk mirroring, concatenation and striping with SDS and Veritas Volume Manager
  • Analysis and performance tuning of server
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of network services like NFS, TCP/IP, DNS and NIS+
  • Workshops performance analysis
  • Elimination of network problems caused by routing, name services or network interfaces.
  • OS upgrade of Solaris server
  • Deployment of Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Filesystem
  • Deployment of Veritas Cluster Server
  • Design and deployment of  name services; NIS, NIS+, DNS
  • Design and implementation of automatic installation (jumpstart) with Solaris
  • Creation of software packages for automatic installation
  • Compiling and installation of open source software
  • Maintenance of Firewall-1 from Checkpoint software
  • Administration training on the job
  • Connecting PC`s to Sun server
  • Troubleshooting hard disks and hardware failures